dr. peter fairfield

Dr. Peter Fairfield

Peter Fairfield OMD, LAc

216 First ST East

Sonoma, CA 95476





CA Lic# AC1278


Peter is a Dr of Oriental Medicine, acupuncturist, medical intuitive, and teacher for over 40 years, of healing, meditation, Qigong and transformational practices. His specialty is Oriental Medical Psychiatry. For seven years he had a clinic in a Tibetan town in Nepal. Many Lamas and yogis were his teachers and patients. Using advanced techniques of Pulse Diagnosis, he was able to study the effects of the spiritual practices and retreats of these adapts. He was fortunate enough to do long retreats in Nepal, China, India and the US in the Tibetan Buddhist & Bon, Qigong and Taoist traditions. These experiences have evolved into a unique view and system of psycho-spiritual physiology that uses acupuncture and energetic systems to heal deep trauma and assist in the spiritual evolution of each client and student. 


His European and American seminars are widely attended. Topics included:

~Awakening the Mystical Body – Working spiritually in the clinical setting 

(60 cities)

~Treating the Issues Mood and Behavior with acupuncture & TCM

~Oriental Medical Psychiatry- 5 graduate programs and 4 private seminars

~Healing From The Inside out- Qigong meditations for self-healing

~DEEP HAPPY- Insight and practices from his bool15 cities

~Vast Sky, Still Mountain, fire – Dzogchen and Qigong


He was the acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute, toured with Pink Floyd and other musicians and performers, founded an acupuncture school and done hundreds of radio programs and tv interviews. Recently he has been invited to teach in India.


He is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture (1989). His OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor) degree is from the San Francisco School of Acupuncture (1995). He has studied at TCM hospitals in Beijing, Chengdu and Lhasa China and Taichung Taiwan. His initial studies began in the mid 70’s in various hospitals and clinics and with personal studies with private physicians of acupuncture and other modalities and spiritual teachers in the Tibetan, Taoist, Sufi and Hindu traditions. He privately trained in Biofeedback which he practiced in Beverly Hills, and at UCLA and Mass rehab in Boston. He has worked closely with six Psychiatrists developing  

OM psychiatry which is a new specialty in modern acupuncture and TCM, though is use is documented as far back as 1100 BC. 


Formerly a board of:

Shasta Foundation

The Pacific College of Naturopathic Medicine

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 


As artist, musician, father, hiker, traveler and body surfer, he understands living life to the fullest and assisting others to do the same. He has a penchant for wonderful and strange people as typified by George and Sedena Cappannanelli.


Peter is the author of 

DEEP HAPPY- How to get there and always find your way back. (Weiser Press)

Lens of Excursion-Nexus Lumina a novel

Several other books are underway.