stephanie james

Stephanie James

With an unrelenting commitment to bring the world as much love and healing as possible, international presenter, filmmaker, transformation coach, author, and host of Igniting the Spark podcast, Stephanie has helped thousands to ignite their best lives and experience profound healing.

Drawing on her thirty plus years of experience in the personal growth and mental health fields, Stephanie combines science and spirituality, and the most recent neuroscience and research to bring people the most powerful tools for transforming their lives. She continues to create one-of-a-kind, life changing retreats and events that go beyond education and intellectual learning to the immersive embodiment of true wisdom and personal growth.

Her currently released documentary, When Sparks Ignite, features a world renowned cast, sharing its powerful message, “Your. Healing. Matters.”

Stephanie’s most recent book, Becoming Fierce and her earlier book, The Spark – Igniting Your Best Life, were both created as transformational tools to help you live as the most expanded version of yourself in full expression.